My Sad Story

.... Not for the kids

I loved her !

Since the first time I saw her, I’ve been  working to build a meaningful and satisfying relationship with her.

We kind of clicked from the beginning. We’ve been meeting often enough, spending long hours learning to know each other. And learn I did !

I knew how to push all her buttons, and how she reacted to my touch.

I just had to lightly stroke her and she opened herself to my further explorations. All it took was to hit that special spot to make her purr in ecstasy and start to moan. She always asked for more, and I gave it to her!

I stroked all her sensitive spots, and was delighted to watch her reactions, to hear the quickening of her breath and the little noises she made. When I was playing with this lovely bud of hers, she would jerk and move in an erratic way.

She liked it when I inserted several inches of twirling material into her waiting opening, then thrusted it deep inside : moments later, she started to sing, and cry, and scream in pleasure. She was always willing to go for another round.

Until that fateful day, when I heard her breathing heavily, panting irregularly, and loudly screaming. Then everything went black, and the last thing she could tell me, with a few last cries, was :

ERR 2010 : Fan error

I’m so sad, she was so beautiful !

*************************** The End

Did I tell you I’m a bit of a computer geek ? 🙂


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