Good Job

A peaceful Archangel sent me a message lately, with a gorgeous image that showed a quote from the Bible, and I’ve been meditating it since I set the image as my current wallpaper(i.e. Win$ appellation for background image)

“Wisdom belongs to the aged and understanding to the old” Job 12:12

I’m sure I’ll end up understanding the real meaning of it, one day, when(if) I grow old…. 🙂

By the way, I found a lot of versions of this quote, since the Bible is (has always been) subject to slight(…) variations in its innumerable interpretations.

With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.

This one I feel closer to, for I know it often takes a great deal of  time(length of days) to understand (as in observe, study, think about and then include in one’s knowledge) some profound and complex concepts. But one can understand before getting old, and sometimes, it takes more than a human lifespan to finally understand a concept, so understanding is hopefully achieved in the next generations. And when I find myself in times of trouble, in my dreams some Ancient Being comes to me, speaking(or whispering) words of wisdom, let it be. ( Arf…! I really tried to be serious in this post, but it seems the joker is always right under the surface… Lilaine, the Beatles fan) .

And now that the joker is out,

“Wisdom belongs to the aged and understanding to the old. As for peace, well…, hopefully it is the next step. RIP”  Lilaine, inspired by Job 12:12


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