Let me tell you the tale of Henriette Houdin, and her three ex-lovers Marie-Jeanne Weed, Marie Brizard and Nicole(aka Nick) Ottin.
Henriette is a French Lady who I met a long time ago, and have not heard of for several years now. We were both young when we first met, and Henriette was already dating Nicole, and when they went out to one club or another, or their favorite bar, they would meet with Marie-Jeanne and Marie, the pair from hell – as they called themselves.
Marie-Jeanne and Marie were not exclusive and would hook-up with anyone wanting to ‘sample’ them, together or separately.
Henriette and Nicole often indulged themselves, partaking in exciting, fulfilling and satisfying activities.
After some time, Marie-Jeanne went on the prowling for fresher and younger quarries and the three remaining buddies decided to stay and live together for a while, at Henriette’s neck of the woods, a smoky place called “Ethan Hole” that you can easily locate on the map in square C2H5-OH (On the top of the Hill).
The threesome spent several years in complete bliss, until Henriette and Marie had a fight over a vital health issue. Henriette regretfully had to kick Marie out, and I believe they briefly met again, some years later, once Henriette and Nicole had broken up. Yes, the long time partners did actually split up, Nicole becoming more and more high maintenance and expensive for Henriette’s moderate means.
I last met Henriette in a computer store, trying to decide between PC and MAC….*
I didn’t get involved in that crucial choice, as I always figured Henriette was someone who would gladly indulge in what we call in French “croquer la pomme” (literally : bite the apple, meaning making love), and who liked to open new windows for herself and her friends.
As far as I know, Henriette escaped from her previous life and was last seen on the Internet, happily surfing through a plethora of sites, blogs, groups,and everything she could click on…
So long, Henriette ! 🙂

* A little wink to a very nice person.


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