While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I’m having a hard time getting reacquainted with my once inseparable companion of good and bad times, always there to help me express and voice my moods, accompanying my joy and happiness, boosting my morale, soothing my sorrow.

The process is painful and frustrating, as I struggle to remember her very sensitive and quite complicated modus operandi. After several hours of sustained effort,  it leaves me with hellish cramps and frayed nerves as I can’t even remember what used to be well loved shared moments, favorite caresses, indefectible harmony.

Thinking it would help, I revert to old elementary, classic moves, touches and strokes, hoping to hear her appreciating my efforts. She does express her contentment, but I know I’m not doing it as well as I used to, as I remember the sounds she emitted, the perfect vibration I could feel, holding her as she came to the point I’d been striving to bring her.

Am I ever going to rediscover this wonderful  alchemy that made it possible for  me, Yesterday, to play Jeux Interdits with my Girl, in the House Of The Rising Sun? With a Little Help From My Friends, I hope I Will. And if I can’t do it, then Let It Be. I’ll just go and find My Way, Across The Universe, listening to the Sound Of Silence.

Yes, I’m a Beatles fan, among others.


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