Heat Wave

“You know, Carol, I love Florida and I’m really glad that I’ve been seeing my grand children nearly each month since I’ve moved here, but Goddess, this scorching heat will kill me one day!” Maria said, huffing and puffing while she wriggled on the bed, struggling to strip off her light cotton nightgown. “I can’t even keep anything on my skin, it’s so hot. When are they going to get that darn AC to function properly?”

“I told you already, dear. Lilly said the guy’s coming on Monday. One more night and we’ll be back to the usual, unevenly regulated cool breezes those noisy old things have been exhaling for longer than I’ve lived here. It took me some time to get acclimated, too. Don’t worry, it gets better. In the meantime, taking lots of fluids and keeping clothes to a minimum works fine for me when the AC is out of order,” Carol advised, trying to soothe Maria’s distress clearly perceptible in her voice.

“Wait, wait, what did you say?” Maria asked, readjusting the device in her right ear—the one not completely deaf. “Sorry, my hearing aid went with the nightgown when I pulled it over my head.”

“I said, drinking a lot and sleeping naked works fine for me,” Carol summarized, an irresistible smirk showing the dimples on her still handsome, lightly wrinkled face, the ever-present sparkle in her lively hazel eyes shining brighter with the innuendo.

“Er… yes… of course, right.” Maria mumbled, a flush spreading on her already overheated skin, from her chest to the roots of her short, curly salt-and-copper hair. “I’ll gladly follow this obviously experienced advice, then.” After a moment to recover, she added, “Where can I find some ice in this cozy home? For my drink, I mean. I’m not sleepy yet.”
The smile in Maria’s voice was dazzling enough to make up for the absence of her perfectly aligned white teeth that were currently soaking in the glass on her nightstand.

“You can’t use the ice dispenser, smartypants. Remember, it broke completely yesterday after Lynne played the DIY butch and tried to fix the leak .”

“Smartypants? No, it’s bare-ass for you, darling,” Maria quipped.

“Oh my! Don’t start going into too graphic detail, please. My imagination is still working fine, thank you. If my back and joints weren’t so impaired by this damn arthritis I’d even get up from this bed and show you mine,” Carol sighed, massaging her wrists, hands and elbows in a constant effort to keep them operational.

“Oh, so sorry. I know you’re hurting, and I feel your pain. And I don’t know why I keep forgetting we’re not supposed to get up close and personal. I feel like I’ve known you for a long time, long enough for us to be close friends and share some intimate details, anyway.”

“Ah…that’s okay, dearest,” Carol reassured “I was just being a little grumpy; the heat, the pain, and all, you know? I’m really glad we could get this close already. Actually, I never thought I’d have another chance at such a relationship. Please, if you want me to tell you a story, just ask. And if you feel like talking, about anything, I’m all ears,” she said engagingly, then added “One of us has to be, right?”.

“Oh, that one was sooo easy. I hear you, though.” Maria laughed, and resettled herself comfortably on the bed for what she hoped would be a long and interesting discussion.
“So, what do you feel like talking about?” She asked once ready. “I seem to recall we already shared our life stories. At least, I think I recounted what I can remember of mine. By the way, I’d have loved to know you forty years ago when you were the all-leathers biker. Always had a thing for those roaring creatures.”

“Ah, yeah. I’m always nostalgic about those crazy years. I was at my best, in many respects: good shape, interesting job, and most importantly enough friends, women and sex to make my life an ever-enjoyable journey.” Carol closed her almond-shaped eyes, scanning her memory for a pleasant anecdote to tell. “So, what do you prefer? A sweet encounter at a ski resort surrounded by snow-capped mountains, or a steamy and perilous affair with a co-worker – and Oh my! Was she perilous? Or I could even go wild and tell you about my two-month stay in that Goddess-worshiping, free-loving community of women?”

Maria quickly gulped the water she was drinking regularly on her friend’s advice, nearly choking, surprised and thrilled by Carol’s willingness to broach the sex topic. “Oh. I guess,… with this heat the snow would be most welcome, wouldn’t it,” she decided, a little flustered at the images conjured by the latter proposition.

“Good choice,” Carol approved ”let’s start sweet and cool! You comfy? ”

“Yep, warm and cozy. Shoot!” Maria replied excitedly.

“Okay, here it is,” Carol started. “What I’ve always loved about skiing, on top of the great physical sensations it brings, was the opportunity to get high up there where the views are magnificent. I couldn’t ever get enough of those, and one of my sightseeing excursions led me to stay long after the trails closing time to watch the sun set over a gorgeous panorama.”

“Ah, sunsets over snowy mountains, I don’t think I’ll ever forget these images,” Maria sighed dreamily.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure of that,” Carol confirmed. “And I’ll make sure of that, if it’s ever up to me,” she added in an inaudible whisper. “ I’d have stayed longer to watch the appearance of the Milky Way, but the temperature had dropped noticeably and I still had to ski back down to the hotel, so I went back to the trail starting point. The chair lift was stopped and a resort employee, clad in full skiing gear was closing the control cabin. I remember thinking it was my lucky day for I wouldn’t have to get down that slope on my own in the rapidly dimming light. Little did I know how lucky I’d actually get.” Carol smiled, a tender, slightly nostalgic smile that lit up her face.

“No! Don’t tell me you screwed the chair-lift girl in the snow?” Maria giggled.

“No, I didn’t.” Carol chuckled. “She turned around when she heard me approach, a wary look on her face. As soon as she identified I was no threat, her face lit up and I was mesmerized by her beautiful smile and sparkling green eyes framed by short flaming strawberry-blond curls. It was as if she had just captured the sunset and was showing it on her face.”

“Aww! So poetic,” Maria moaned, then added in a wistful tone, “could have been me, you know. I used to have a dazzling smile, and my eyes weren’t always hidden behind those ugly glasses. As for my hair, well, it’s still short and curly, but the flame is gone. And if I can remember sunsets over snowy mountains so vividly, that’s probably because I saw a bunch of them, don’t you think?” she asked, her innate enthusiasm evident in her voice.

“Yes, it could have been you, dear.” Carol whispered, masking the emotion in her voice.

“So, what happened, then? Did you invite her to meet up with you in your hotel room?”

“No, but she invited me to her cabin to have a hot drink and warm up before we went down the slope. She switched the heater back on and soon I had to peel off my ski jacket and sweatshirt, and so did she. She wore one of those snowsuits and pulled the zipper down to her waist to take off the suit’s upper part and then her sweater.” Carol paused, reminiscing about the moment she first gazed at this gorgeous woman’s body.

“I guess she wasn’t wearing much more under the sweater. Was she to your taste?” Maria’s inquisitive tone brought Carol back to the present.

“Oh yeah, the most enticing cleavage I ever saw—and I saw thousands of them.”

“Braggart,” Maria teased.

“Well, maybe a little,” Carol admitted. “But she had the most well-endowed bosom, and such finely toned arms and shoulders, and I won’t even begin to describe her freckled creamy skin. I might have stared at some point because she chuckled and I took my eyes off her breasts, only to land them on her inviting smile. Oh, how I wanted to devour those full pink lips and nibble at each and every freckle on her skin,” Carol moaned, totally entranced by her own memories.

“Did you?”

“Hmm, eventually, yes. But she was the one who took my hand and led me to the nearby cot, kissing and caressing me out of my clothes before she let me strip her out of that full body suit. I couldn’t get enough of her skin under my hands and my mouth was already starting to sample all those tantalizing freckles.”

“Ah.. Carol, I’m already hot enough. Why do you have to try and get me bothered, too?” Maria groaned.

“Because you asked, dearest,” Carol replied “And because I still can,” she added for herself. “So,” she continued after hearing Maria’s sigh, “we both ended up naked and ready to climb to the summit. Sorry for the easy pun.”

“ That’s okay. It’s cooler up there, right?”

“Not really,” Carol chuckled, “but let me finish. She managed to get me on my back and, let me tell you, very few lovers ever ravished me so thoroughly as she did that night. All night. And I just couldn’t stop using my hands, mouth, teeth and tongue to tease, nip, stroke, in one word, pleasure about every square inch of her luscious body, to keep her shouting out her joy. Those full, firm breasts… oh dear, what a feast they were. I remember the rosy nipples that were so reactive to my nipping and sucking, and when I pinched them she would utter this husky groan I still seem to be hearing now.” Carol kept silent a few seconds to revel in the sounds of Maria’s groaning and moaning.

“I must have spent hours worshiping her body, complementing long, deeply sensual kisses with never-ending caresses all over her body. I tried to keep my eyes wide open so that I could take in all of her, and be able to gaze in her lustful green gaze when she came all over my grinding thigh or my expertly stroking hand.”

Carol heard another, louder moan, but wasn’t sure whether it was hers or Maria’s. Not wanting to break the mood, she continued her erotic tale. “I never stopped watching her even when she wanted my oral attentions to shift to her most delectable pussy. My hand joined the fun, and as she’d asked me previously not to pop her cherry because she wanted to keep her ‘virginity’, I ravished her in any other way I could think of—and I could think of plenty, even if I was not yet the fully bloomed and experimented lover I became later. I suppose I learned a lot that night about making a woman’s body shiver, writhe and shake—”

“Oh, Carol, I can’t hold back anymore. I’m coming,” Maria interrupted, breathless, “don’t go anywhere!”

“You betcha!” she answered, a continuous moan sounding beside her.

Less than two minutes later, Carol’s door was flung open by a very naked, hot and bothered, but so very smiling Maria, who took just enough time to close the door behind her before walking the short distance to join her on the bed, all the while letting her gaze caress Carol’s nudity appreciatively. Carol’s eyes were equally busy roaming over Maria’s aged but—to her loving gaze—still desirable body. Both of them were visibly aroused by Carol’s ‘bardic’ performance if their taut nipples were any indication. Finally their gazes locked, both questioning and approving, enlarged pupils shining with mute but irrepressible desire. After picking up the still-buzzing, forgotten phone beside Carol’s head and replacing it on its holder, Maria lay carefully on top of her and was immediately held in long, loving arms.

“Ahh…Yeah. Feels so good, I knew it would,” Maria sighed contentedly, resting her head on Carol’s chest. “I remembered, you know? This particularly sweet memory came back when you talked about her wanting to keep her virginity. I’ve used that line so often in my youth it must be engraved in my brain cells.”

“I’m so glad, sweetheart,” Carol exulted, “I so wished you could remember that wonderful night of fifty-two years ago.”

“We spent more than one night together, didn’t we?” Maria realized, the nagging feeling of familiarity surfacing once more.

“Er… yes, we did,” Carol confirmed hesitantly, not wanting to upset her by revealing too much of their common history.

“Please Carol, do tell,” Maria pleaded. “I want… I need to know. If only I could remember… entire parts of my life seem to have vanished from my memory. It’s—”

“Shh, it’s okay sweetie,” Carol murmured, tightening her hold and caressing Maria’s head and back soothingly. “It was a long time ago.” And I guess you’re better off not remembering everything about us. “We’ve actually been an item for several years before we split up and life took us in different directions,” she said noncommittally, repressing the long-buried pain this memory brought up.

“We’ve been lovers for years, and I couldn’t even remember it?” Maria bemoaned, lifting her head and turning her body away from Carol. “Wait, wait. How is it that I can remember being married to Christopher, and having my daughter, and nothing about you, us?” she asked, looking utterly confused.

“Hey, nothing to worry about. That’s been your life for the last forty five years, so, obviously you’d likely not forget all about it,” Carol reassured. She cupped Maria’s face with one hand and tenderly pulled it toward her own. “Now, could we just forget about it—sorry, and start building a whole new set of memories?” she suggested with an ever-seductive smile.

“Ah… yeah, I’d like that very much,” Maria sighed, leaning back against Carol and accepting the oh-so welcome invitation by initiating the first of their newly memorable, passionate kisses.

“I’d like that too,” Carol then whispered tenderly in Maria’s ear, holding her tight, her hands caressing that never-forgotten creamy skin and her mouth starting to nibble on the nearest freckles…


“Morning Lilly, sorry to disturb you this early, but we have a… situation in room 207. I really don’t have the time to deal with it and even so, I’d rather we discuss it before handling it, please?” Joan, the head nurse of the well-renowned Plump Grapefruit Nursing Home said to her boss at 06:45 on Sunday morning.

“Hello Joan. You’re worrying me there. What’s up?” Lilly sat up in her bed in the top floor condominium attributed to the nursing home director, fully awake because of this unusual early morning call.

“Nothing serious, don’t worry. I mean, it might be serious, but a good kind of serious. Will you come down here soon?”

“I’m on my way,” Lilly answered, getting up to slip on her Sunday morning outfit of tight shorts, tank top and sneakers. As an afterthought, she pulled on a pair of gray slacks over the shorts and a light-blue cotton shirt. “Whatever happened, I hope we’ll have dealt with it quickly. I want my Sunday morning jog before the heat returns.”

She was approaching the door of room 207 when Joan came out of it, saw her and silently closed the door behind her. Joan preceded her inside the common room, empty at this hour.

“I went to check on Carol first thing, because she was in pain yesterday and I know she hurts most when she wakes up, if she could sleep at all. And I had an interesting surprise upon entering her room. I nearly couldn’t keep my reaction silent,” Joan related.

“Why would you keep silent, anyway?”

“Come and see, boss. Please don’t wake them up, yet.” Joan led them back to Carol’s room.


Joan smiled, opened the door and gestured for Lilly to come in. Had she not been warned, Lilly would probably have gasped louder. On her back, on the narrow hospital bed lay a slumbering Carol, holding an equally asleep Maria, head resting on Carol’s chest, one hand gently enclosing Carol’s breast, the other clutching Carol’s long white hair. They were stark naked, their thighs resting between each other’s legs in an unequivocal posture. Maria’s creamy skin contrasting with Carol’s olive tone. Both were showing contentment on their relaxed faces.

Lilly took another couple of steps forward, assessing the situation in order to make sure both women were indeed sleeping peacefully, and took in every detail of this particularly unusual and touching scene.

Back in the corridor, door closed on the beatific lovers, Lilly said, “Well, indeed, this requires discussion. What’s your assessment of the situation, Joan?”

“I’ve been watching them since Maria came in six months ago because I noticed Carol seemed to light up each time Maria was around. It wasn’t long before they started to spend more and more time together and clearly enjoyed it. I guess this next step in their relationship isn’t that surprising, after all. From a strictly medical point of view, there is no contraindication that I can think of. You might want to take the Doc’s advice for confirmation. Carol’s degenerative arthritis seems to be kind of stabilizing since she started to move and follow Maria around and finally decided to take her treatment seriously. As for Maria, everyone knows the more you stimulate the brain, the more slowly Alzheimer’s evolves. And she’s gonna have plenty of stimulations with the facetious Carol. Did you know that Carol’s mood improved and she started joking around again soon after Maria came in? Even got me once with one of her bloody wordplays,” Joan chuckled and added, “I’d been missing them since her depression started last year.”

“So, you’re telling me their medical condition benefits from their relationship?”

“Yep, positively. Love is better than any medicine,” Joan rejoiced. “As are attentive and caring nurses, of course,” she added with a smile.

“All right, Joan. I’ll leave them to your attentive care, then. Keep me informed of any development, though.”

“Will do Lilly. Thank you for your understanding. They were so beautiful together, sleeping in each other’s arms. But I’m still wondering why Maria was wearing her full gear.”

“Well, I don’t know about the Coke-bottle bottom lenses or the hearing aid,” Lilly said, an amused glint in her green eyes, “but I sure know why she put on her teeth.”

“Because she needed them to smile lovingly at Carol?” Joan suggested playfully.

“Yes. And when you have five minutes, go take a look at Carol’s neck and shoulders.”

“Ah, you’ve seen them, too,” Joan smiled mischievously.

Laughing, Lilly started back to her apartment. “On this joyous note, I’m going to get a little exercise of my own. Have a nice day, Joan. And good luck with the lovebirds.”

“Thanks, a nice day to you, too,” Joan said, heading back to proceed with her morning round, a happy spring in her step.

Some time later, back in her apartment after a run shortened by the rapidly deteriorating weather, Lilly took a refreshing shower and started up her computer, retrieving the bookmark for a website selling medical furniture.

A few months ago, one particularly corpulent and irascible resident fell from his bed, twice, and decided he’d rather go back home or to another, better furnished nursing home. It wasn’t a big loss―well kinda, but still. After a slight hesitation between two models due to the price, she ordered the costly extra-large hospital bed she’d been meaning to purchase since the short-lived larger-than-bed episode.

“At least, our lovebirds will have a comfortable nest to enjoy their happily ever after, however long it is,” she said to the Abyssinian-mixed-stray cat that lay on the cool tile floor in the best ventilated spot of the apartment. “Twicky, what about a nice breakfast to celebrate?”

The answering meows followed her as she went to the kitchen and began her usual, post-jogging, Sunday-morning ritual, while the first raindrops began to fall announcing the mightily devastating flooding tropical storm Debby was going to engender on her path through Florida.


A heartfelt thank you to my two Beta Readers whose advice  I not always followed (Pigheaded Frog is one of my nicknames) but greatly appreciated. I owe you one, Ladies. 😉

Last edited 22 August 2012

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    • Thank you, Elaine. 🙂
      Glad you appreciated the emotions I tried to convey. 🙂
      I’m not sure I’m able to produce a full-length novel on whatever subject, though. Writing is a difficult and time consuming (both the writer’s and her beta-readers’) activity, and I’m already very busy reading –and beta-reading…
      Plus LazyFrog is yet another nickname of mine. :p

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