Tiger and Toaster

Many thanks to whoever had Tiger and Toaster delivered to my door tonight!

Not sure about the motive for these presents (though my birthday was Monday 2), but gladly and proudly accepting them anyway. 😀

Tiger is gorgeous(white and blue eyed, like my painting) though a little moth-eaten, and Toaster is …overused and burned out! 😛   I’ll take pics  tomorrow and add them to this post.

****** Edit July 4, morning : Here they are.

As I said, overused, burned out, dirty, rusty, greasy, out of order toaster. Just  a crappy joke as I like them. 🙂  Gonna try to fix it, and clean it at least so that I can pass it down to some deserving sister without her getting some undetermined substance on her hands… 😛

As for Tiger, she was not moth-eaten, finally. Just had some dust and dirt on her furry coat. She’s now cleaned up and lying on my couch 🙂

Toaster & Tiger

****  End edit.

I just hope the delivery girl, if she stayed (as I think I’ve noticed her) to make sure I got the present, hasn’t taken a pic and posted it on Facebook, for I was just out of bed and not really at my best–if I ever can be anymore… 😮 Serves me right to go out in this attire… 😛   😉


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