Why someone would remove a review

Have I told you yet about Sylvestre, the Master of the Castle? You might have seen his portrait on the All my Children picture I posted last year.

Let me recount one of his misdeeds.

As I was working on my computer, browsing the Smashwords page of one of the books I reviewed and scrolling down to take a look at the other reviews (I know, it’s a bit weird to check what people have to say about a book you’ve liked and have taken the time to review ^ 😮 ), Sylvestre came meowing in my room and I invited him (actually, I couldn’t prevent him from leaping) onto the desk. Not one to disappoint me, he did his usual exploratory routine, and finally decided to sprawl down on the sheet of paper  I was previously taking notes on and which was currently serving as a mouse pad. He likes to disturb your working environment, just to make the point that you’re not going to ignore his presence. Ever.That’s why he always comes and sit on the newspaper when someone is reading it, and looks at you as if YOU were disturbing him.

But, let’s not digress from the story. I tried to take the mouse back from between his front paws, where the predator nonchalantly kept his prey, and that’s when he clicked, trying to hold onto what he thought was rightfully his.

The pointer was most probably on the remove link to my review when that happened, and no one noticed immediately the disappearance of said review. Well, maybe Sylvestre did, but he said nothing except his customary PFFF and Meow to let me know he was neither going to draw in his claws nor refrain from nipping if I insisted to take MY mouse back.
Not that it bothered me much, for I know how to control and operate the computer directly from the keyboard. 😛

So I decided to visit my reviews page on Amazon and check the other reviews there. Ctrl+n, alt+f, arrow keys, tab key, enter key, and various alphanumerical keys later, all my reviews were listed on the screen, and I made a face at Sylvestre, just so he knew I was the smarter. That’s when the phone rang and I had to get up and answer the call.

When I went back to the computer, Sylvestre was hovering above the keyboard, ready to make his point, once more. One of his hind paws was pressing a key while he put the front paw on another one, and finally lay down on the keyboard. The computer beeped continually, not understanding what it’s new master was asking. The Internet browser was displaying the 404 error page when I lifted Sylvestre off the keyboard and dropped him on the floor, getting an offended meow for my effort.

Hadn’t Patty addressed the question of reviews removal today, I might never have discovered that three of my reviews had disappeared nor would I have understood how it happened…! 😮

Thanks Patty for helping me solve that feline-misdeed induced  Mystery. 😀


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