It’s been quite some time since the last post! 😮

A lot of things happened during those three months, that were quite unexpected and not all pleasant or positive. And no, Sylvestre has nothing to do with that… not that I know of, anyway. :p

I won’t dwell on the worst and will just rejoice that as usual, good things came out of the less good ones.

I happened to find (put, also) myself in a situation where I finally had a lot of free time to spend as I deemed positive and profitable to my well-being: mainly physical activities (walking, cycling, swimming, gardening, fu–  er, I wish… 😉 ) and something I’ve been considering doing for quite some time but hadn’t yet found good enough conditions (a complex mix of free time, motivations of several kinds, favorable mindset, and a relatively quiet life pace and environment).

So, while sadly losing a couple of very pleasant and enriching activities,  I was given the opportunity to start using my newly-underemployed neurons for a much interesting activity where the oh-so obvious lack of the G(iant) entity up there in the toolbar spurred my competitive streak on. That, and I did promise myself to give a little back of what I received to those who sent me on The Path.  I’m not sure I’m making much sense, but I think some people who’ll read that will know I’m talking about them. Heck, even the G. bot will, I’m sure! :p

As you’ve noticed (or not), there’s a new page on this blog, called Frenglish, where I’ve decided to give full reign to my polyglot self, and that’s where you’ll find a certain number of translations, from English into French and from French into English. The EN-FR are mainly stories, not-for-the-kids stories. The FR-EN is meant to be more eclectic, though I still have not worked much to that effect.

I hope to be able to produce regularly some Frenglish stuff so that both the readers and the translator get their share of enjoyment.

Even the G Bot might enjoy! :p


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