It’s guarding my bedroom door…

Soft pastel in pasture

Universal attraction

Some paintings/drawings

Clay sculptures, wood CD box, drum… all painted

Painted Wood CD Box

Blue-eyed white tiger


4 thoughts on “Artwork

    • Merci 🙂 mais, Non, j’ai juste eu de bonnes influences et suffisamment de motivations pour exprimer une habileté manuelle innée (enfin, je crois. J’ai toujours été douée avec mes mains…). Dans ce domaine, et dans d’autres aussi.. ^^

  1. I heart the Universal Attraction:D It’s very dynamic, as are all your pieces. Have you had any shown? Warmest, Morgayne

    • Thanks Morgayne 🙂
      Alas, the one you heart is not exactly my own creative production, even if I did paint it. I used a similar work from an artist as a model, and, guided by him, learned his technique while trying to reproduce his painting. It came out slightly different than his, as you can guess the attraction movement/trajectory in mine that wasn’t apparent in his original work.
      All the clay sculptures, the wooden box(except tiger from a model), the drum and some of the drawings are all mine, though. Leo and Horse created from a model, too; all that during the same Art Class.
      Actually, some of the photographs (used for the montage) were taken during the one and only show I ever had at the end of the class… 7 years ago.
      I’ve created other ‘things’ since, but they’re not suitable for showing, I’m afraid… They’re not finished (polished, painted, or whatever) for lack of materials… and maybe motivation, too…
      I guess those clay animules I created scared my muse away, or something… 😉

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