Why someone would remove a review

Have I told you yet about Sylvestre, the Master of the Castle? You might have seen his portrait on the All my Children picture I posted last year.

Let me recount one of his misdeeds.

As I was working on my computer, browsing the Smashwords page of one of the books I reviewed and scrolling down to take a look at the other reviews (I know, it’s a bit weird to check what people have to say about a book you’ve liked and have taken the time to review ^ 😮 ), Sylvestre came meowing in my room and I invited him (actually, I couldn’t prevent him from leaping) onto the desk. Not one to disappoint me, he did his usual exploratory routine, and finally decided to sprawl down on the sheet of paper  I was previously taking notes on and which was currently serving as a mouse pad. He likes to disturb your working environment, just to make the point that you’re not going to ignore his presence. Ever.That’s why he always comes and sit on the newspaper when someone is reading it, and looks at you as if YOU were disturbing him.

But, let’s not digress from the story. I tried to take the mouse back from between his front paws, where the predator nonchalantly kept his prey, and that’s when he clicked, trying to hold onto what he thought was rightfully his.

The pointer was most probably on the remove link to my review when that happened, and no one noticed immediately the disappearance of said review. Well, maybe Sylvestre did, but he said nothing except his customary PFFF and Meow to let me know he was neither going to draw in his claws nor refrain from nipping if I insisted to take MY mouse back.
Not that it bothered me much, for I know how to control and operate the computer directly from the keyboard. 😛

So I decided to visit my reviews page on Amazon and check the other reviews there. Ctrl+n, alt+f, arrow keys, tab key, enter key, and various alphanumerical keys later, all my reviews were listed on the screen, and I made a face at Sylvestre, just so he knew I was the smarter. That’s when the phone rang and I had to get up and answer the call.

When I went back to the computer, Sylvestre was hovering above the keyboard, ready to make his point, once more. One of his hind paws was pressing a key while he put the front paw on another one, and finally lay down on the keyboard. The computer beeped continually, not understanding what it’s new master was asking. The Internet browser was displaying the 404 error page when I lifted Sylvestre off the keyboard and dropped him on the floor, getting an offended meow for my effort.

Hadn’t Patty addressed the question of reviews removal today, I might never have discovered that three of my reviews had disappeared nor would I have understood how it happened…! 😮

Thanks Patty for helping me solve that feline-misdeed induced  Mystery. 😀


Heat Wave

“You know, Carol, I love Florida and I’m really glad that I’ve been seeing my grand children nearly each month since I’ve moved here, but Goddess, this scorching heat will kill me one day!” Maria said, huffing and puffing while she wriggled on the bed, struggling to strip off her light cotton nightgown. “I can’t even keep anything on my skin, it’s so hot. When are they going to get that darn AC to function properly?”

“I told you already, dear. Lilly said the guy’s coming on Monday. One more night and we’ll be back to the usual, unevenly regulated cool breezes those noisy old things have been exhaling for longer than I’ve lived here. It took me some time to get acclimated, too. Don’t worry, it gets better. In the meantime, taking lots of fluids and keeping clothes to a minimum works fine for me when the AC is out of order,” Carol advised, trying to soothe Maria’s distress clearly perceptible in her voice.

“Wait, wait, what did you say?” Maria asked, readjusting the device in her right ear—the one not completely deaf. “Sorry, my hearing aid went with the nightgown when I pulled it over my head.”

“I said, drinking a lot and sleeping naked works fine for me,” Carol summarized, an irresistible smirk showing the dimples on her still handsome, lightly wrinkled face, the ever-present sparkle in her lively hazel eyes shining brighter with the innuendo.

“Er… yes… of course, right.” Maria mumbled, a flush spreading on her already overheated skin, from her chest to the roots of her short, curly salt-and-copper hair. “I’ll gladly follow this obviously experienced advice, then.” After a moment to recover, she added, “Where can I find some ice in this cozy home? For my drink, I mean. I’m not sleepy yet.”
The smile in Maria’s voice was dazzling enough to make up for the absence of her perfectly aligned white teeth that were currently soaking in the glass on her nightstand.

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Let me tell you the tale of Henriette Houdin, and her three ex-lovers Marie-Jeanne Weed, Marie Brizard and Nicole(aka Nick) Ottin.
Henriette is a French Lady who I met a long time ago, and have not heard of for several years now. We were both young when we first met, and Henriette was already dating Nicole, and when they went out to one club or another, or their favorite bar, they would meet with Marie-Jeanne and Marie, the pair from hell – as they called themselves.
Marie-Jeanne and Marie were not exclusive and would hook-up with anyone wanting to ‘sample’ them, together or separately.
Henriette and Nicole often indulged themselves, partaking in exciting, fulfilling and satisfying activities.
After some time, Marie-Jeanne went on the prowling for fresher and younger quarries and the three remaining buddies decided to stay and live together for a while, at Henriette’s neck of the woods, a smoky place called “Ethan Hole” that you can easily locate on the map in square C2H5-OH (On the top of the Hill).
The threesome spent several years in complete bliss, until Henriette and Marie had a fight over a vital health issue. Henriette regretfully had to kick Marie out, and I believe they briefly met again, some years later, once Henriette and Nicole had broken up. Yes, the long time partners did actually split up, Nicole becoming more and more high maintenance and expensive for Henriette’s moderate means.
I last met Henriette in a computer store, trying to decide between PC and MAC….*
I didn’t get involved in that crucial choice, as I always figured Henriette was someone who would gladly indulge in what we call in French “croquer la pomme” (literally : bite the apple, meaning making love), and who liked to open new windows for herself and her friends.
As far as I know, Henriette escaped from her previous life and was last seen on the Internet, happily surfing through a plethora of sites, blogs, groups,and everything she could click on…
So long, Henriette ! 🙂

* A little wink to a very nice person.


This little story has initially been written as a part of a Round Robin, but I thought it could kind of stand alone if I added some context…

Mademoiselle Frédérique d’Alençon, French aristocrat born in the 1760’s (she won’t tell anybody which year exactly ..!), chose, in her early adulthood, to live an adventurous life, free of the constraints bound to her status in the French Society (being a young Noblewoman could be rather boring and restrictive at this time).

She’s been traveling around Europe for a couple of years when it appeared that said French Society was about to change radically in the summer of 1789. She proposed her services as a Spy to both England and France Kings. Their acceptance was made easier by knowing that Frédérique d’Alençon was an admirer and disciple of Monsieur Charles de Beaumont (as known as Chevalier d’Éon), and was a Master Transvestite (a talent honed during her traveling years across Europe).

Since then, she’s been going back and forth between England and France, sometimes farther east to Prussia or south to Spain, gathering contacts and intelligence, and giving a very helpful assistance to those who wanted to run away from the ‘troubles’ of the French Revolution.

One of her missions, assigned by King Georges of England, brought her back on the French shore, on a particularly dark night …

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My Sad Story

.... Not for the kids

I loved her !

Since the first time I saw her, I’ve been  working to build a meaningful and satisfying relationship with her.

We kind of clicked from the beginning. We’ve been meeting often enough, spending long hours learning to know each other. And learn I did !

I knew how to push all her buttons, and how she reacted to my touch.

I just had to lightly stroke her and she opened herself to my further explorations. All it took was to hit that special spot to make her purr in ecstasy and start to moan. She always asked for more, and I gave it to her!

I stroked all her sensitive spots, and was delighted to watch her reactions, to hear the quickening of her breath and the little noises she made. When I was playing with this lovely bud of hers, she would jerk and move in an erratic way.

She liked it when I inserted several inches of twirling material into her waiting opening, then thrusted it deep inside : moments later, she started to sing, and cry, and scream in pleasure. She was always willing to go for another round.

Until that fateful day, when I heard her breathing heavily, panting irregularly, and loudly screaming. Then everything went black, and the last thing she could tell me, with a few last cries, was :

ERR 2010 : Fan error

I’m so sad, she was so beautiful !

*************************** The End

Did I tell you I’m a bit of a computer geek ? 🙂