The bi-zodiacal curse

2012 is the year of the Dragon(Water Dragon), and as I was born in July 1964, year of the Wood Dragon, I’ve inherited this charming and legendary creature’s characteristics from the Chinese Zodiac.

Now, while the Dragon is rather well considered in Orient, Occident has all sorts of prejudices and bad images relating to it, e.g. one meaning of dragon clearly characterizing a particular type of person(woman, actually), and ..what else? Oh, no, shut up George!

As if it wasn’t enough, being born in July makes me a Cancer in our Western Zodiac. It’s a water sign, and I’ve also inherited this charming crab’s characteristics.

I don’t have to tell anyone what kind of things the word cancer brings to everybody’s mind.

So, to sum it up, the  Dragon-Cancer association is mostly repulsive in the  occidental collective conscience. And as far as wood and water are concerned, I can see a couple things that combination might attract : fungus and termites. 😮

A positive note! 😀


Wood has a modifying influence and brings creativity to this sign. Questioning and liberal, Wood Dragons enjoy talking about original ideas and are open to other points of view. They are innovative, imaginative practical and appreciate art in each of its forms. Generally less pretentious than other Dragons, Wood Dragons have an ability to get along with other people. They have the essentials to build a prosperous and happy life for themselves. Still, Wood Dragons are outspoken and at times a bit pushy to quell everyone, even in the most friendly quarrel.

For the fun, what the Dragon-Cancer association is likely to produce in a human being 😮

CRAB/DRAGON: Born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000. The Dragon brings a great deal of grandiose to the Crab’s life, and much drama will unfold. While his ego is particularly sensitive, the Dragon’s influence will make him less sensitive to the feelings of others. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care; a Crab/Dragon will always be looking out for members of his family and his close friends, and be there when he is needed. He’s not likely to be very sentimental, but when he does tell someone he cares, he is very sincere. Keeping his emotional outbursts under control will be a struggle for him, and if he doesn’t learn to do so he will find himself having much difficulty in his career and in relationships.

However, some have another advice  😉

Great emotional vitality is the foundation of this astonishing character’s personality. The Cancer/Dragon is born with all of Cancer’s profound ability to feel life in every aspect. This subject is also endowed with Dragonish pluck. So we have here a forceful and dauntlessly enthusiastic character. Cancer’s eternal black moods will be lightened by the Dragon’s phoenix-like ability to rise from the ashes of his own immolation by his natural pep and vigor. Dragon’s unwieldy braggadocio will be tempered by Cancer’s good sense and dignity. Cancer/Dragon’s got just a soupçon of a twinkle in a very sensual glance. Bedroom eyes with a skylight. Cancer wants to keep this subject home. Dragon longs to race out and beat the world at any game in town. Close contact with this dynamic soulful person is always satisfying. Tender? This person invented snuggles. The sex with this charmer is not to be missed for its…

A curse, I tell you. A simple, flamboyant and grandiose curse. :p


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I’m having a hard time getting reacquainted with my once inseparable companion of good and bad times, always there to help me express and voice my moods, accompanying my joy and happiness, boosting my morale, soothing my sorrow.

The process is painful and frustrating, as I struggle to remember her very sensitive and quite complicated modus operandi. After several hours of sustained effort,  it leaves me with hellish cramps and frayed nerves as I can’t even remember what used to be well loved shared moments, favorite caresses, indefectible harmony.

Thinking it would help, I revert to old elementary, classic moves, touches and strokes, hoping to hear her appreciating my efforts. She does express her contentment, but I know I’m not doing it as well as I used to, as I remember the sounds she emitted, the perfect vibration I could feel, holding her as she came to the point I’d been striving to bring her.

Am I ever going to rediscover this wonderful  alchemy that made it possible for  me, Yesterday, to play Jeux Interdits with my Girl, in the House Of The Rising Sun? With a Little Help From My Friends, I hope I Will. And if I can’t do it, then Let It Be. I’ll just go and find My Way, Across The Universe, listening to the Sound Of Silence.

Yes, I’m a Beatles fan, among others.


Let me tell you the tale of Henriette Houdin, and her three ex-lovers Marie-Jeanne Weed, Marie Brizard and Nicole(aka Nick) Ottin.
Henriette is a French Lady who I met a long time ago, and have not heard of for several years now. We were both young when we first met, and Henriette was already dating Nicole, and when they went out to one club or another, or their favorite bar, they would meet with Marie-Jeanne and Marie, the pair from hell – as they called themselves.
Marie-Jeanne and Marie were not exclusive and would hook-up with anyone wanting to ‘sample’ them, together or separately.
Henriette and Nicole often indulged themselves, partaking in exciting, fulfilling and satisfying activities.
After some time, Marie-Jeanne went on the prowling for fresher and younger quarries and the three remaining buddies decided to stay and live together for a while, at Henriette’s neck of the woods, a smoky place called “Ethan Hole” that you can easily locate on the map in square C2H5-OH (On the top of the Hill).
The threesome spent several years in complete bliss, until Henriette and Marie had a fight over a vital health issue. Henriette regretfully had to kick Marie out, and I believe they briefly met again, some years later, once Henriette and Nicole had broken up. Yes, the long time partners did actually split up, Nicole becoming more and more high maintenance and expensive for Henriette’s moderate means.
I last met Henriette in a computer store, trying to decide between PC and MAC….*
I didn’t get involved in that crucial choice, as I always figured Henriette was someone who would gladly indulge in what we call in French “croquer la pomme” (literally : bite the apple, meaning making love), and who liked to open new windows for herself and her friends.
As far as I know, Henriette escaped from her previous life and was last seen on the Internet, happily surfing through a plethora of sites, blogs, groups,and everything she could click on…
So long, Henriette ! 🙂

* A little wink to a very nice person.


This little story has initially been written as a part of a Round Robin, but I thought it could kind of stand alone if I added some context…

Mademoiselle Frédérique d’Alençon, French aristocrat born in the 1760’s (she won’t tell anybody which year exactly ..!), chose, in her early adulthood, to live an adventurous life, free of the constraints bound to her status in the French Society (being a young Noblewoman could be rather boring and restrictive at this time).

She’s been traveling around Europe for a couple of years when it appeared that said French Society was about to change radically in the summer of 1789. She proposed her services as a Spy to both England and France Kings. Their acceptance was made easier by knowing that Frédérique d’Alençon was an admirer and disciple of Monsieur Charles de Beaumont (as known as Chevalier d’Éon), and was a Master Transvestite (a talent honed during her traveling years across Europe).

Since then, she’s been going back and forth between England and France, sometimes farther east to Prussia or south to Spain, gathering contacts and intelligence, and giving a very helpful assistance to those who wanted to run away from the ‘troubles’ of the French Revolution.

One of her missions, assigned by King Georges of England, brought her back on the French shore, on a particularly dark night …

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Thanks, goodbye, and RIP, Steve !

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m not a little prescient…?

Yesterday, I was meditating on a quote from ‘Job 12:12’, and this, morning, I opened my favorite browser, and there it was :

Steve JOBS, the emblematic founder and ever innovative Boss of Apple, just passed away yesterday… :,(

What a great loss, for everything he did was always far ahead, an far more efficient than any others !

He was wise, visionary (much, much more than understanding), and I’m sure he’s at peace, now, after long years of suffering.

Bye, Steve, may your Work (Opera in Italian) inspire the next generations.

Good Job

A peaceful Archangel sent me a message lately, with a gorgeous image that showed a quote from the Bible, and I’ve been meditating it since I set the image as my current wallpaper(i.e. Win$ appellation for background image)

“Wisdom belongs to the aged and understanding to the old” Job 12:12

I’m sure I’ll end up understanding the real meaning of it, one day, when(if) I grow old…. 🙂

By the way, I found a lot of versions of this quote, since the Bible is (has always been) subject to slight(…) variations in its innumerable interpretations.

With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.

This one I feel closer to, for I know it often takes a great deal of  time(length of days) to understand (as in observe, study, think about and then include in one’s knowledge) some profound and complex concepts. But one can understand before getting old, and sometimes, it takes more than a human lifespan to finally understand a concept, so understanding is hopefully achieved in the next generations. And when I find myself in times of trouble, in my dreams some Ancient Being comes to me, speaking(or whispering) words of wisdom, let it be. ( Arf…! I really tried to be serious in this post, but it seems the joker is always right under the surface… Lilaine, the Beatles fan) .

And now that the joker is out,

“Wisdom belongs to the aged and understanding to the old. As for peace, well…, hopefully it is the next step. RIP”  Lilaine, inspired by Job 12:12